I’m so glad you’re here!  Most of you probably know me from my previous blogging life, where I wrote about life overseas as a missionary wife, and the laughter and tears that went along with it.  In June of last year, we made the decision to return to the US permanently, so that we could be near our grown children, furry grandpuppies, family and friends.  It was not an easy decision, but we are so glad that we made it!

In the spirit of all things new, I’ve traded writing about ministry for writing about life.  No longer do we live high in the Andes Mountains…we now live in central Indiana, where the highest point in the county is a speed bump.

I am still the same old me, for the most part.  I still drink way too much coffee (No styrofoam, no powdered creamer, no percolators please!), I still listen to jazz, classical and random Top 40 hits, I still love to write…and I am still searching for the perfect journal.  I love my Jesus, my hubby and my kiddos, and can’t imagine doing life without any of them.

I hope you’ll join me here as I write out loud and process this crazy new life of ours!